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Were the World Mine is centered around the character of Timothy (Tanner Cohen), an openly gay boy at a boy’s school that still experiences the stings of homophobia from his classmates, including the captain of the rugby team, whom he has a crush on, and whose team leads the regular attacks and verbal abuse on Timothy on a frequent basis. Soon, his drama teacher Ms. Tebbit (Wendy Robie) casts him in the role of Puck in the Shakespeare play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, giving him an unexpected chance at redemption.

While reviewing his lines in the script, Timothy discovers a recipe for making a magic flower, love-in-idleness, which has the power to cause feelings of love in anyone whom it affects, and which he then uses to temporarily transform the heterosexual majority of his town gay. Chaos ensues as the citizens of the town fall in love with their co-workers, friends, bosses, and so on, depending on who they saw first after experiencing the effect of the flower. Although Ms. Tebbit ultimately guides him towards an end to what he’s caused, the overall experience proves to be educational for both the members of the community, and for Timothy himself.

Were The World Mine




“Like its Disney counterparts, it operates on the assumption that the movie musical is a world unto itself in which ordinary rules of logic don’t apply. One thing doesn’t have to lead to another, and not everything need be explained. Movie-musical magic makes up the difference.”
   The New York Times

Were the World Mine follows the teen musical formula but renders its material with admirable lushness and intelligence.”

“The music is wonderful.”
   The Movie Man

Did You Know?

Were the World Mine not only incorporates A Midsummer Night’s Dream into its story, but is actually an adaptation of it in its own right. It is also a further adaptation of the director’s 2003 short film Fairies, which also featured Wendy Robie, and which director Tom Gustafson desired to see in full feature-length form. Although not included on the soundtrack release, the film also prominently makes use of the songs “Relax, Take it Easy” by Mika, “The Magic Position” by Patrick Wolf, and “Rock Star” by The Guts. Review our Gay Themed Films here

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