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The arena for the coming out is a traditional suburban French high school in You’ll Get Over It (À cause d’un garcon). The protagonist Vincent Molina (Julien Baumgartner) is a decorated swimming champion with a steady girlfriend, Noemie (Julia Paraval). He one day decides enough is enough, and confides to Benjamin (Jeremie Elkaim), who is a newcomer to the school, that he is gay, and tries to kiss him, although his attempt is spurned. His world is turned upside down when he finds out that Benjamin has spilled the beans of the attempt.

Vincent goes from a celebrated, popular jock to a social outcast, one who is teased and reviled by the other members of the swimming team out of fear and loathing. Bullies graffiti slurs onto his locker. His newly ex-girlfriend struggles to understand where the two of them stand, although she does her best to be supportive of his new life. Vincent’s parents are forced to readjust their perceptions of their athletic son. Little do they know that Vincent has a clandestine rendezvous spot, an unknown apartment, wherein he gets together with a slightly older man, his lover Bruno (Nils Ohlund) for sordid romances. Young Vincent must grapple with the backlash of those who see his coming-out as a negative transformation; his own older brother Regis (Antoine Michel) encourages the bullying and the jeering to come to a head.

You’ll Get Over



“The French film industry has a knack for finding attractive, expressive young actors, and this movie is no exception.”
   A.V. Club

“Coming Out may be a perennial and seemingly done-to-death topic in gay cinema, but Because Of A Boy transcends this, feeling true to both the pain and possible upsides of being open about your sexuality at school.”
Big Gay Picture Show

“Delivered with the emotional intensity that the French do so well, this semi-autobiographical work from screenwriter Vincent Molina charts the dramatic repercussions of a malicious sexual outing.”
Gay Celluloid

Did You Know?

You’ll Get Over It originally aired on television in France as À cause d’un garçon, is a classic coming-out story combined with a coming-of-age story. Screenwriter Vincent Molina lent his name to the main character in order to illustrate the autobiographical nature of the adolescent tale. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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