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The romantic comedy, You Should Meet My Son!  follows the story of Brian (Stewart Carrillo) and his mother’s efforts to find him a wife and then a husband, when she realises he is gay. Brian’s mother, Mae (Joanne McGee) is a typical southern American mother, overbearing and conservative. Together with her sister, Rose (Carol Goans) she is desperate to find him a wife. Neither of the women can understand why Brian is never interested in any of the women they invite to Sunday dinner until Mae overhears one of these women saying that Brian is gay.

After getting over the hurt that her son does not trust her, Mae and Rose, still determined that Brian cannot go through life alone, change their plans and embark on a plan to find him a husband, with hilarious consequences.

A touching scene in the film, is where Mae says to Brian “ If the world won’t give you all the things you want – love, kids, a family – then I am going to have to change the world, because I will not have it change you.”

You Should Meet My Son




“I have never seen another movie in this budget range that is nearly this good.”

“This is the best gay comedy I’ve seen in years.”

“One can not remember a gay comedy this inspired, clever, and dead on accurate in years. This new low budget indie feature will soon become a classic in the annals of gay cinema.”
   Los Angeles Examiner

Did You Know?

You Should Meet My Son! was the first feature film for director Keith Hartman. The film was shot in just 18 days. When one of the actors, Rich Johnson (Kitty Litter), became sick during filming and was unable to complete the shoot, a last minute rewrite was undertaken. A popular television star and two award-winning actresses were lined up, unsuccessfully, for the lead role before the part went to Joanne McGee. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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