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After renting an apartment in an attempt to stalk his former one-night stand, Jeffrey (Daniel Sauli) is now the resident of a previously vacant unit in New York. Being a skillful architect, the man wants to renovate his new home and decorate it accordingly. While working on some floorboards that were spoiled by water, Jeffrey hears loud moaning from right below his apartment. He finally makes out the words “help me” and goes on to inspect the surrounding area, looking for the source of the grumbles.

When he finally decides to visit the owner’s house, there’s no more doubt about the disturbing noises. Jeffrey clearly hears a distressing cry for help that he can’t ignore any longer. After being attacked and knocked unconscious by a bulky man, Jeffrey finds himself locked out in a basement and taken prisoner by his fellow householder. There he also finds the source of the groaning – another man who has been drugged and kidnapped. It soon becomes apparent that the 50-year-old landlady, Gladys, and the condo’s handyman, Stuart, are an unhinged, bloodthirsty couple that wants him dead. The man also learns that the apartment’s previous inhabitant was also named Jeffrey (Geoffrey) and hopes that his former flat mate, Nicki (Heather Simms) will be able to help him in You Belong To Me

You Belong to Me


You Belong To Me is a tense, well-crafted chiller in the Misery subgenre of enforced captivity horror.”
   MJ Simpson

“A nifty little suspenser bordering on horror, Sam Zalutsky’s first feature puts a gay spin on creepy-apartment-building-entrapment scenarios a la Polanski’s “The Tenant” and “Rosemary’s Baby,” sans supernatural elements.”
   Dennis Harvey, Variety

“The opening exposition is superb.”

Did You Know?

In You Belong To Me, the film’s score by composer John Turner has been widely-appreciated. This has been the second collaboration between Turner and Zalutsky since the 2004 short film Superstore. The director asked him to use soundtracks like Rosemary’s Baby as inspiration for the film’s music. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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