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Jonas (Eric Klotzsch) is a talented photographer from Berlin who takes up a new art project exploring German rural areas. To this end, the straight man travels to Uckermark, a wild and fascinating, but lesser-known location in Jonas’ home country. Alongside him is homosexual Philip (George Taylor), a handsome Englishman who loves to laugh and enjoy life fully. The two had previously met in London and now decide to pick up where they left off with their friendship by meeting up for Jonas’ new trek. Although they have an intimate, close relationship, it seems to be mostly platonic and cordial.

Everything changes when Boris (Michal Gabrowski), a Polish backpacker, asks to join them. The characters begin a journey of self-discovery that deeply affects the core of their relationship. The three men grow closer together as they keep travelling in their Mercedes, getting some respite when Jonas finds something to photograph. However, this creates a lot of tension between Philip and Jonas. The former starts to fall for their new hitchhiker friend and the latter is beginning to question the Philip’s commitment and sincerity, as well as the nature of their friendship. Jonas’ confession about these issues will either make or break their relationship.

You & I




“The luscious scenery is extremely well treated by cinematographer, Alexander Fuchs. The point being, You & I is far from a difficult watch.”
   The Cue Dot Confessions

“A beautiful slow-burn of a story about the boundaries of friendship and finally finding the courage to express your true feelings.”
   The Roaming Life

“Bromance foreplay.”
   Hot Sauce Reviews

Did You Know?

The film’s director, Nils Bökamp, wanted to create a motion picture that was centered on gay and straight relationships alike, as well as the ways in which sexuality can impact friendships. The dialogues in You & I are actually a mix of German and English and the shooting location includes breathtaking scenery from German’s rural areas. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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