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Ten years after the death of his love, Jagger who was an Israeli soldier who died in the war in Lebanon, Yossi (Ohad Knoller) is now a heart doctor working in a hospital. He has chosen a solitary existence and is a closeted gay man. There are rumours at work that he is gay, but this does not put off Nina (Ola Schur Selektar), a nurse who is infatuated with him. She kisses him when he is asleep, waking him. He rejects her advances.

Because he is closeted at work, Yossi undergoes an uncomfortable night out with his colleague Moti (Lior Ashkenazi). Moti takes Yossi to straight bars and tries to encourage him to have sex with a woman, so Yossi runs off and spends the night in his car outside the house of Jagger’s parents. In the morning he is invited in and he tells them about his two year love affair with Jagger. Varda (Orly Zilbershats) does not take the news well and asks him to leave, but Jagger’s father (Raffi Tavor) is kinder.

Yossi decides to take a holiday and so leaves Tel Aviv for the south. At a rest stop he meets a group of souldiers, one of whom is Tom (Oz Zehavi), who subsequently befriends him. He now has to decide whether he will risk letting someone into his life again, like he did when he met Jagger.





“Funny, exuberant and shamelessly seductive, Yossi is an unabashedly populist entertainment with a spirit conciliatory enough to melt the heart of any naysayer.”

“The extra weight that the actor has packed on gives him an air of vulnerability that makes his character’s ultimate emergence from his seemingly impenetrable emotional shell all the more moving. ”
   The Hollywood Reporter

“You’ll want to see Eytan Fox’s acclaimed 2002 drama Yossi & Jagger before watching this intimate, often-moving sequel.”
   New York Daily News

Did You Know?

Yossi is director Etyan Fox’s fifth feature film. He had previously directed the film’s actors Ohad Knoller, in The Bubble; Lior Ashkenazi, in Walk on Water; and Orly Silbersatz in Siren’s Song.

During the scenes in the hotel, hits from Dana International’s album Hakol Ze Letova can be heard in the background. Those hits are the chart-topping Love Boy and Seret Hodi, which was also a single release. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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