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White Frog is a film that examines universal themes such as the extraordinary power of family bonds, friendship and love. Additional themes include the struggles of a handicapped teen, sexual identity crises and rites of passage. The film’s story attempts to associate the characters to the tale of the Vietnamese coconut frog.

White Frog tells the story of neglected 15-year-old Nick (Booboo Stewart), whose life changes when the family suffers after the tragic death of a family member. Nick finds it hard to cope with life after losing his older brother Chaz (Harry Shum Jr.) who was thought of as the ‘perfect older son’ and whom he idolized. Chaz loses his life riding his bike on the highway when he tragically encountered a group of guys driving recklessly. To complicate matters for him, Nick has Asperger’s syndrome and his parents, who are in denial, are unable to support Nick as they struggle themselves to cope with losing a beloved son. Nick receives support in the form of Randy (Gregg Sulkin), Chaz’s best friend. It is Randy who lets Nick on Chaz’s secret – Chaz was gay and dreamt of being a dancer.

The film’s major message is that everyone should accept who they are and recognize others in the same manner.

White Frog




White Frog is so tragically underrated”
   Chelsea Loves Movies

“Sure, it’s full of really hot guys, but more importantly it’s loaded with impressive performances, especially from [Booboo] Stewart, who avoids stereotype with a realistic portrayal of a youth with limited communication and social interaction skills.”
  — Frontiers

“A sweet… mainstream film that explores a different aspect of Asian American life.”
   LA Weekly

Did You Know?

The film White Frog seems to be a family affair with the Stewart family taking on a number of roles. Booboo Stewart (actually named Nils Allen Stewart Jr) plays the lead character. His father Nils Allen Stewart is the film’s stunt coordinator, and sister Fivel Stewart is credited as one of the dancers. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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