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In the gay-themed drama Westerland Cem ( Burak Yigit ) is a German Turk, in his early 20s and has lived his who life in the seaside resort town of Westerland on the island of Sylt in Northern Germany.  He is training at the Department of Sanitation, but despite cleaning up peoples mess, he has big plans.  He wants to build a high school and study landscape architecture.  Everyone that knows Cem, knows that they can rely on him.

Jesús (Wolfram Schorlemmer) is a drifter, lost without any goals.  Jesús has an eating disorder, likes to get stoned, lies and steals.  On a freezing cold winter evening, Jesús is sitting on a park bench pulling over his head a plastic bag, in an attempt to commit suicide.  Cem walks over to talk to him, rescues him, taking him to his apartment, sharing his single bed.  Cem wants to believe that he can help Jesús from his depression, but their character differences are transformed gradually into mutual fascination.

The friendship becomes more and more complicated over time, Jesús begins to occupy Cem’s every thought and time which is not welcomed by those close to Cem.




“Tim Staffel’s movie ‘Westerland’ presents the glamorous Sylt Island as an ugly winter world where feelings do not thrive.”
   Spiegel Online

Did You Know?

In Westerland, director Tim Staffel wanted to tell the story of two men whose lives start spinning out of control as soon as they meet. The screenplay is based on the Novel Jesús and Mohammed by the director Tim Staffel. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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