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In Wasp, desiring a romantic break and a chance to get away from the bustling city life for a while, Olivier (Simon Haycock) and James (Hugo Bolton) head for Olivier’s family vacation home in the south of France.  Though he rarely visits the house, Olivier is quite looking forward to getting away for a while.  James, however, complicates the trip by inviting his friend Caroline (Elly Condron) along, recognizing that Caroline recently broke up with her boyfriend and could use a break to cheer her up.

One evening, after sipping a few drinks, Caroline and Olivier are left alone.  Unable to take their eyes of each other, Caroline and Olivier begin to recognize a sexual tension building up between them.  Olivier insists that he is gay and loves James, but Caroline persists and starts to pressure him on the issue.

The next evening, the simmering pot begins to boil, as the three housemates engage in a provocative game of Truth or Dare.  James starts to see Caroline’s attraction for Olivier and his suspicions grow, fearing Olivier may cheat on him with Caroline.  James lashes out at Caroline, which causes her to run off without their knowledge.  When the mean realize she is gone, Olivier tracks her down and brings her back to the house, but not without pulling over for a mysterious stop.

Upon returning to the house, James’ suspicions regarding Olivier and Caroline push him into anger and violence.





Wasp proves Philippe Audi-Dor is a new and promising film talent”
   De Telegraaf

“Writer-director Philippe Audi-Dor’s film Wasp is an itchy, anxiety-inducing three-hander full of crackling performances, desire and apprehension”
   Edge Media Network

“The way the story unfolds is really intriguing and we commend Audi-Dor for doing something different and unexpected. The tension that builds between Olivier and Caroline does so expertly and at a believable pace.”
   Entertainment Focus

Did You Know?

An intimate story that tests the boundaries of love and friendship, Wasp only features three actors throughout the entire film, with the vast majority of filming taking place on one piece of property in the south of France.  Interestingly, Wasp is the first feature film for all three of the leading talents: Hugo Bolton, Elly Condron, and Simon Haycock.  While two of the actors had experience in some shorts (Condron and Haycock), for Hugo Bolton this was the first time ever acting on camera. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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