Gay Essential Films To Watch, Walk On Water (ללכת על המים)

Walk on Water follows Eyal (Lior Ashkenazi), an agent of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, who works as a hitman to neutralize enemies of his country. After his wife commits suicide, his superiors decide to place him on a less challenging case, to take out an elderly Nazi war criminal. In order to do this, Eyal befriends the criminal’s grandchildren under the guise of a tour guide.

Although he doesn’t forget his responsibilities, he finds true friendship in Axel (Knut Berger) and Pia (Caroline Peters), the grandchildren, who help to show him that most Germans in modern times no longer harbour the kind of hatred that led to the Holocaust. Eyal finds himself becoming particularly close with Axel, with whom he shares a mud bath in the Dead Sea. Later, on a night out on town, Axel decides to take them to a club. Eyal is shocked when he arrives and finds out that it’s a gay club.

Eyal asks his superiors to be removed from the assignment due to his level of disgust, but they insist that he continue his mission. He then finds himself flying to Germany to accompany Axel and Pia on their way to their grandfather’s 70th birthday. Once inside the house, Eyal becomes conflicted about his assignment, and Axel accidentally comes across Eyal’s folder of mission information. When he has the chance, Eyal decides to not complete his task, unknowingly witnessed by Axel. Axel then turns off his grandfather’s oxygen, finishing it for him, coming to an unusual understanding with his grandfather’s would-be killer.

Walk On Water




“It denotes a minor movie miracle: how with intelligence, imagination and craft a small film can work in really large ways.”
   Washington Post

“Hits a bulls-eye.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Fox falters a bit with the narrative, but offers a fascinating treatment of the issues facing the descendents of Jewish victims and their German persecutors, as well as one of the most chilling birthday parties ever filmed.”
TV Guide

Did You Know?

It took six years to secure funding for the making of Walk on Water, due to the unique role the Israeli government plays in filming movies in their country. The film also garnered the attention of the real-life Mossad, although nothing ever came of it beyond a phone call. In addition, Caroline Peters, who plays Pia, has revealed that her actual grandfather was also a Nazi. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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