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Life takes an unexpected turn for Anthony (Jeffrey A. Johns), a choir boy from Montana who happens to be gay. The young man has big dreams of becoming a famous performer and has just been accepted to take part in an Off-Broadway production. Excited and eager to show off his talent, Anthony leaves his home and travels all the way to New York City. However, once there he is mistaken by the casting director for a heterosexual stripper named Tony (Adam Huss). The latter is a talented dancer who has no idea of what awaits him.

After the two are miscast, the aspiring stage performer ends up in a stripping show downtown, whereas Tony gets to shine in the Off-Broadway event that Anthony was meant to attend instead. The two quickly understand that in order to succeed, each of them will have to learn the other one’s trade. The young man from Montana soon finds himself picking up on all sorts of stripping techniques, tips and tricks, and excelling at his new job. One of his colleagues who teaches him also seems to develop a crush on him. Moreover, Anthony realizes that he might enjoy doing this for a living far more than any Broadway performance.

Waiting in The Wings: The Musical




Waiting in the Wings: The Musical is a fun and entertaining film, that just wants the audience to have a good time.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

“There’s enough pulchritude and charisma to keep gay viewers (and other fans of musical theater) happy and ultimately, it makes for a great stay at home date night option.”
   The Broadway Blog

Did You Know?

Waiting in the Wings: The Musical depicts several amusing and entertaining cameos, including Shirley Jones, Lee Meriwether and Sally Struthers, all of which were introduced at Jeffrey A. Johns’ and Jenn Page’s request. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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