Gay Essential Films To Watch, Utopians (同流合烏)

Utopians is a Hong Kong/Thai co-production from writer/director Scud, chronicling the sexual awakening of student Hins (Adonis He) after he unexpectedly develops an interest in his charismatic professor (Jackie Chow). This new found affection for his openly gay teacher is further complicated by his current relationship with his religiously conservative girlfriend, whose catholic upbringing leads her to repeatedly lecture him on his more liberal attitudes towards homosexuality- and whose belief in no sex before marriage only amplifies his teenage sexual frustrations. 

The film combines socio-political critiques at the conservative nature of society in Hong Kong with an erotic coming of age drama, with a plethora of surreal, visually stunning fantasias occurring throughout. Utopians also is a collation of the themes director Scud has returned to throughout his filmography; the unexpected romance of his 2010 film Amphetamine is reflected in the burgeoning relationship between teacher and student, while the miserable partnership between Hins and his religious girlfriend could easily slot in to his 2011 relationship satire “Love Actually… Sucks!” Now, as well as the different themes related to his exploration of relationships, he has added political, religious and philosophical debate in to the mix to make his most unique film to date.



“From the opening dream-sequence of director-writer Scud’s vision of bliss on earth, there is no doubt that viewers are in for a highly stylized, wonderfully—at times courageously—honest study of living life as truly felt, rather than unwittingly directed by others.”

“The movie is mostly about self-acceptance, acceptance of others, pluralistic love, poly-amorous relationships, free and nonjudgmental sex, as well as the spread of these ideas from one generation to another in order to build a more uninhibited and empathetic society.”
The M Report

“It’s bursting with ideas and it challenges your preconceptions about a lot of subjects.”
Entertainment Focus

Did You Know?

The director choose the name Scud as it most resembles the translation of his name from Chinese to English Scudding Clouds.  Utopians 同流合烏 is a tribute to gay filmmakers Mishima Yukio, Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Derek Jarman. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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