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Odete (Ana Cristina de Oliveira) is a young woman who works at a supermarket and has long been yearning to have a child of her own. She has a very close relationship with her long-time partner, Alberto (Carloto Cotta). However, the latter begins to question her decision to get pregnant as the two are neither married, nor have they exceled or even found the right career for themselves. Odete is insulted and shocked, and decides to leave her boyfriend in order to find someone else who will help her conceive, carry and raise a child. She then meets Pedro (João Carreira), whom she expects will have a baby with her. But the man tragically dies in a car accident.

After this unexpected loss, Odete finally meets Rui (Nuno Gil), who turns out to be Pedro’s lifelong partner. The two are drawn to each other sexually and eventually have a child together, fulfilling Odete’s relentless mission. What the woman does not know is that Rui is still in love with Pedro and has been desperate and suicidal since his demise. During their last moment together, Rui and Pedro exchanged promise rings that had “two drifters” imprinted on them, vouching that they will always remain connected despite where life takes them and whether or not they are on different paths.

Two Drifters




“Director and co-writer, João Pedro Rodrigues has created a very taught film which suspends a tightrope across the chasm between sanity and insanity, obsession and resolve, life and death.”
   Movie Every Day

“Mr. Rodrigues’s new movie, “Two Drifters,” is another head trip through the landscape of desire.”
The New York Times

Did You Know?

The director João Pedro Rodrigues was not only interested in creating a brainy film with avant-garde elements and perverse topics, but also an accurate depiction of the fine line between sanity and insanity. Two Drifters (Odete) has received a theatrical release. The motion picture was highly acclaimed by critics, having won several awards (Cannes Film Festival, Bratislava International Film Festival, amongst others), alongside many nominations (including for the Portugese Golden Globes). There is a scene in the movie where Rui watches Breakfast at Tiffany’s to remember his lover who passed away. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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