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Inspired by true events, Todd Verow delivers a suspenseful tale of a toxic love triangle in the film Tumbledown.  The film is told through the eyes of three gay men, Rick (played by actor and collaborating writer Brad Hallowell), Mike (Brett Faulkner), and Jay (played by director and writer Todd Verow).  Jay and Mike take a break from renovating their cabin and stop in the local gay bar.  Rick is a hunky young bartender who strikes up a conversation with the two men, and ultimately supplies them with some drugs.

A few weeks go by and Rick gets a phone call.  It is Mike calling to invite Rick up to the renovated cabin for a weekend with Jay and Mike.  Rick is into Mike and gleefully agrees; despite the fact that he knows Jay and Mike are a couple.  Upon arriving, the three men hit it off well, especially Rick and Mike.  A threesome ensues, though Jay is somewhat treated as the odd man out.

More time goes by and Jay calls Rick to invite him up to the cabin again.  Unbeknownst to Rick, however, Mike is not at the cabin.  Something goes awry and Rick wakes up in Jay’s bed, confused and unable to remember the night before.  Soon after returning home, a video camera is sent to Rick with a note that says, “play me.”  Rick is horrified by what he sees.



“Verow must be congratulated on honing in on the issue of the spread of HIV, whether it be consciously done, or through deception.”
   Renowned For Sound

“I can’t get Tumbledown out of my head and I am not going to forget it anytime soon.”

Did You Know?

The film Tumbledown is named after the region in which it was shot, Tumbledown Mountain, which is a popular hiking and camping destination in director Todd Verow’s home state of Maine.  This region is also close to where Todd Verow himself owned a cabin, setting up the premise for his film.  Basing his film on his own true story, Verow once invited a young gay bartender to join him and his lover in the cabin for a weekend, where events went awry and all three men had to make important decisions about what to do next. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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