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Triple Crossed is a thriller with a plot driven by an intention to kill. The intended victim is a young man grieving for the loss of his boyfriend; the femme fatale – his dead boyfriend’s sister. The death of Tyler Townsend (Addison Graham), while on service duty in Afghanistan, leaves Andrew Warner (Sean Paul Lockhart) a wealthy man. The death of his boyfriend also places a price on his grieving head.

After returning from Afghanistan, Chris struggles to adapt to life in California. Homeless, he lives out of his car and suffering from PTSD, finds ways to self-medicate.  Jackie Townsend (Laura Reilly) presents Chris Jensen (Jack Brockett) with a dilemma – kill her late brother’s boyfriend so that she can get his inheritance bequeathed to him by her brother. Jackie leaves him with no choice; she reminds him that his chance of getting a ‘normal’ job is less than slim. At first Chris reluctantly agrees seeing that he had promised his best friend that he would protect the boyfriend, but while in pursuit of Andrew, falls in love with him.

Chris’ job is made easy when he develops a friendship and deeper connection with Andrew. But why, when given the chance to kill Andrew, doesn’t he follow through?

Triple Crossed


“For those doubting the directorial prowess of Sean Paul Lockhart, then I have to say that as a director he shows far more knowledge of the medium, than what some may have given him credit for.”

Triple Crossed is a low budget, yet somewhat nifty, sexual thriller. Its concept is good, and it’s a lot of fun as long as you don’t take it too seriously.”

Did You Know?

The film’s title Triple Crossed is adopted from the unofficial tattoo embraced by the lead character’s war regiment – three interlinking crosses held together by a snake and skull.  Before beginning production on the film, Sean Paul Lockhart preparing for his director debut admits to being hospitalized due to high stress levels. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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