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A gay romantic comedy, Touch of Pink follows the story of Alim, a young gay man who was born in Kenya and raised in Toronto as an Ishmaeli Muslim. In order to get away from his upbringing and to be able to live as a gay man he moves to London where he sets up home with his boyfriend Giles (Kris Holden-Ried). Alim channels the Spirit of Cary Grant (Kyle MachLachlan) to help him when he is in trouble and this often leads to disastrous results.

Alim’s mother Nuru (Suleka Matthew) misses Alim and so she comes to London to try to persuade him to come home, marry a Muslim girl and start a family in Toronto. Alim and Giles attempt to hide all evidence of the true nature of their relationship, pretending that they are flatmates and that Alim is dating Giles’ sister. When Giles takes Nuru sightseeing in London, the two become unexpectedly fond of each other.

When Nuru discovers the truth, she is upset and returns home. Alim goes home to attend family pre-wedding celebrations. When Nuru hears Khaled, the groom sexually propositioning Alim, she comes to the realisation that Alim is the truly honest man.

The themes explored in the film include clash of culture, values and sexuality.

Touch Of Pink




“What makes the film so much fun is an ingenious plot device embedded in Rashid’s sharply observed screenplay.”
   The Hollywood Reporter

“A clever and big- hearted gay screwball comedy.”
   New York Post

Did You Know?

‘Real life can’t and shouldn’t be like a Hollywood Movie, and that’s the thrust of this film” is a quote from writer and director Ian Iqbal Rashid. Touch of Pink takes its name from the 1962 Cary Grant movie “That Touch of Mink”. Body doubles were used for Kyle MachLachlan and Jimi Mistri’s ice-skating scene. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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