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A group of four gay teenagers and a lesbian couple are kicked out of their houses by their angered parents and are now looking for a place to stay. Penniless, broke and hassled by anti-gay bullies, the six youngsters are completely alienated from the rest of the world and are trying to find some form of meaning in their lives. Andy (James Duval) is a particularly confused young man, who thinks he is bisexual despite never having experimented with the opposite sex. Fully reliant on his friends, the boy has a serious bone to pick with lovey-dovey, devoted couples and doesn’t understand the role of commitment in relationships in the slightest. All of this changes when he meets the charming Ian (Alan Boyce), a gorgeous and bold fellow who completely sweeps Andy off his feet. However, little does the bi teenager know that Ian is in fact a strong-willed denier of monogamy.

Aside from the one-sided love relationship between Andy and Ian, there is a loving, stable lesbian couple that is introduced – namely Patricia (Jenee Gill) and Michele (Susan Behshid). The girls are very self-reliant and affectionate with one another after wholeheartedly deciding to have children. The two want to lead a straightforward, “traditional” family life together. On the other side of the spectrum are Deric (Lance May) and Steven (Gilbert Luna), two gay men who separate after the latter has a romantic affair. Deric is not only faced with heartbreak, but also the cruel taunts and harassment brought about by some of his bigoted haters. Lastly, the free-spirited Tommy (Roko Belic) loves to sleep around, but can’t stop falling for his casual one night stand partners.

Totally Fucked Up




“A rag-tag story of the fag-and-dyke teen underground”
   Gregg Araki

“It’s one of the most thoughtful, illuminating and enjoyable American indie films I’ve watched in years.”

“Life is fucked up, Araki is saying, but it is worth living.”
Slant Magazine

Did You Know?

Totally Fucked Up is part of the “Teen Apocalypse Trilogy” created by writer and director Gregg Araki. The film was intended for both straight and homosexual viewers and aimed to depict the boredom, alienation and nihilistic inclinations of teenager life, alongside two other sequels – The Doom Generation (1995) and Nowhere (1997). Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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