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Set in Paris in To The Extreme (In Extremis), Bisexual party loving Thomas (Sébastien Roch) lost his wealthy parents in an Alpine accident and is financially taken care of.  One of Thomas’ older neighbours and lover has a 13 year old son Grégoire (Jérémy Sanguinetti), and he is there to comfort him when his mother passes away suddenly.

Grégoire wants Thomas to obtain custody but Thomas is torn between what he would like to do, and what he knows he should do.  Thomas’ hedonistic lifestyle does not lend itself to fatherhood and he cannot claim custody. Even with the aid of his prostitute sister Anne (Julie Depardieu) he is unable to keep the disappointed Grégoire from being sent to an orphanage.

Thomas buries his guilty conscience by parting, participating in a series of orgies and one-night stands.  When Thomas begins to realise that his failure is destroying the life of someone he truly cares about, he aids the boy’s escape from the orphanage to move with him to his home in Ibiza.

To The Extreme



“Étienne Faure (…) fait son film selon son bon vouloir et, pour peu qu’on aime ce genre de passage à la limite, In extremis semble l’un des objets actuels les moins subordonnés aux exigences de la mode ou du marché.”

Did You Know?

In the DVD release of To The Extreme (In Extremis), included is a short feature by director Étienne Faure on actor Björn Andrésen reflecting as an adult on his role as Tadzio in Luchino Visconti brilliant film “Death in Venice“. Review our Gay Themed Films here

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