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Three In A Bed

In Lloyd Eyre-Morgan’s 2014 film, Three in a Bed, Brennan Reece plays the role of Nate, a young musician in Manchester who is just beginning to realize he is gay.  A new neighbour, Jonny (Darren Bransford) catches his eye.  Nate and Jonny become friends, putting them on the course to a budding relationship, Nate’s first homosexual relationship.

However, life gets complicated when Nate’s two sisters come crashing in.  One sister is going through a terrible break-up and needs the support of her brother.  The other sister has been sleeping with a married man and discovered she’s pregnant.  With the chaos of his sisters’ lives interrupting his own, Nate is left with no time for himself, and more importantly, no time to be himself.

Retreating back into the closet out of fear, Nate jeopardizes his relationship with Jonny.  Though Jonny loves Nate dearly, he decides to leave and travels to France on a part-time job.  In the meantime, Jonny’s Brazilian roommate Jay (played by Verity-May Henry) reveals to Nate’s sisters that Nate and Jonny are gay.  Much to Nate’s surprise, his sisters embrace his sexuality, noting, “we have so much more in common now.”

Desperate to see their brother be happy, Nate’s sisters try to get in touch with Jonny and discover he is returning to Manchester for a short visit.  With the help of Jay, the girls arrange for Nate and Jonny to meet again, hoping the love they have for each other will be revealed to both of them.

Three In A Bed


“It feels like real life, real people, and real characters. I felt like I knew Nate (Brennan Reece )  & Jonny (Darren Bransford) personally”
   Alexander Ryll, Gay Essential

Did You Know?

Written by Neil Ely and Lloyd Eyre-Morgan, the script for Three in a Bed was conceived in a rather unusual way.  Having never co-wrote, Ely and Eyre-Morgan opted to split up the script, with Neil Ely writing the first few scenes, the Lloyd Eyre-Morgan writing the next few, and so on.  The writing and language styles of the two writers so closely matched that most audiences wouldn’t be able to tell which writer wrote which scenes in the final cut. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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