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The father (Bruno Lochet) of a tightly-knit family faces the most difficult challenge of his life when his wife passes unexpectedly. Consumed by grief and suffering, the man tries to keep his relationship afloat with his three sons, Marc (Nicolas Cazalé), Cristophe (Stéphane Rideau) and Olivier (Thomas Dumerchez). The former is the middle brother and he cannot seem to escape a whirlwind of abusive and self-destructive patterns. He is constantly involved with drug dealing and puts himself in dangerous situations. He also engages in a series of troubling behaviors, including killing dogs, in order to maintain his pernicious habits. On the other hand, Olivier is the youngest brother and a very shy young man. He is passionate about capoeira and soon falls in love with Marc’s best friend, Hicham (Salim Kechiouche), who also shares his passion.

The elder brother, Cristophe, has just been released from prison and managed to get a job at a pork factory. The man knows firsthand how devastating living outside of the law can be and is now forced to witness his little brother becoming more and more involved with crime and violence. Although every brother has been dealt a rough hand in life, they each develop different ways of coping that help them overcome their challenges.

Three Dancing Slaves



“A vivid picture of life for young people on the fringe of French society.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

“It conveys a sexual intensity that is never exploited as box office bait and yet gives vent to suppressed fury that has warped the teenage experience since Rebel Without A Cause.”
Eye For Film

“An intense tale of brotherly love.”
   Gay Celluloid

Did You Know?

Three Dancing Slaves (Le clan) is split into three different segments, each of them dedicated to one of the brothers and their struggles. Gaël Morel’s project was to create a dreamlike world that accommodates a deep fraternal bond and relays each of their deep-seated traumas. The director was inspired by filmmakers like Claire Denis and François Ozon, picking up several elements from their motion pictures on sexual expression and adapting them to fit the movie’s political and psychosexual context. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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