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Thirsty is a musical biopic of Scott Townsend, whose alter ego (drag queen Thirsty Burlington) has led him to become one of the planet’s leading Cher impersonators. Director Margo Pelletier has a background in documentary filmmaking, but here embraces the fantastical side of a child learning to love music and performing- somebody who finds their strength just as they realise their sexual identity will leave them estranged from their peers.

Scott is performed as a child by Cole Canzano, and as a younger adult by Jonny Beauchamp, and both get the opportunity to show off their impressive vocal ranges in a variety of different music numbers. As we go through Scott’s harrowing, yet inspirational, backstory, we are also treated to the real Scott in drag as Thirsty belting his way through a plethora of Cher’s most beloved hits.

Margo Pelletier’s direction is designed like an emotional rollercoaster, aiming to leave you jumping for joy at the musical numbers one minute, and holding back the tears at distressing childhood flashbacks the next. Despite this, it can be best described as a good, old fashioned crowdpleaser- but with an exploration of gender identity that gives it a contemporary twist.




“With a kitsch spirit reminiscent of a John Waters film and musical numbers that recall everything from West Side Story and Hedwig and The Angry Inch to the retro charm of Grease and Little Shop Of Horrors, Thirsty is a biopic with energy to burn.”
   Eye For Film

“An uplifting experience, an inspirational, not to mention handsomely set-dressed, story of self-invention and survival.”

Did You Know?

In an interview with Pure Movies writer Laura Kelber described how difficult it was to find the actor to play the middle Scott, Jonny Beauchamp who was the last person cast. “We spent months looking for him. We almost didn’t shoot the movie on schedule because we couldn’t find someone that would do the part because so many agents and managers would not send talent to us to audition because they didn’t want their teens getting pigeon-holed as potentially a gay actor. We found there was a lot of homophobia even within the casting.” Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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