Gay Essential Films To Watch, Theo and Hugo (Théo et Hugo dans le même bateau)

It’s only 15 minutes into the film’s running time that a line is finally spoken – Theo (Geoffrey Couët) asks Hugo (François Nambot) why he keeps his eyes closed during their passionate sexual encounter in the midst of a gay orgy. Until that moment Theo and Hugo has transported us into the dungeons of an underground sex club in Paris, swallowed in red light, where naked men nonchalantly copulate with whomever they find available.

Theo promptly notices Hugo having sex with another man and he’s entranced to the point of getting it on with a guy just to have an excuse to approach Hugo and his own casual partner. Once Hugo notices Theo, it’s like Cupid’s arrow strikes them both to the point they ditch their respective partners and get engaged in a passionate lovemaking session with each other.

But the sexual climax isn’t the end to their rapport as they leave the club together and hop on city bikes to wander a desolated Paris glowing in the nightlights. Something casual and rather extreme seems to have unusually connected these two souls who start getting to know each other as they explore the city looking for food and it’s soon clear how the impulsive and romantic Hugo is counterbalanced by the timid and more pragmatic Theo. However, when an unexpected truth comes to surface, the potentially blooming relationship between the two young men is put at risk. Will their impromptu romance survive the night?

Theo and Hugo




“It’s Shortbus meets Weekend!”
   The Hollywood Reporter 

“Everyone will talk about the 18-minute gay orgy at the start, but the real achievement lies in how Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau capture love at first sight.”

“Simultaneously the sexiest and the sweetest gay film I’ve seen.”

Did You Know?

Originally conceived to explore the characters’ relationship over the course of 28 days (for reasons that are best to be kept under wraps to avoid spoiling a key plot point), the filmmakers opted instead for a narrative that would follow Theo and Hugo in real time during the early morning hours. Filming lasted 15 days, which included 9 nights and in order to be able to produce the initial 18 minutes orgy scene in the realistic and graphic way they envisioned it, co-directors Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau had to operate with a micro budget and remain outside the traditional financial circuits of French film financing. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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