Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Ways of Man (Tots els camins de Déu)

“After betraying his best friend for thirty silver coins, Judas wanted to return the reward and turn himself in instead of Jesus.  The chief priests and elders did not allow it.  Then he fled and hanged himself” Matthew, 27:3-5

Wearily running across a deserted beach, Judas (Marc Garcia Coté) throws a handful of valuable coins towards the raging sea.  Pausing at the seas edge, Judas return to pick up the disregarded treasure before heading towards a deserted woodlands, sobbing that he has killed his friend.  Falling asleep on the forest floor, Judas is awoken by Lu (Oriol Pla) a hiking stranger who passes him in the morning light.  Judas quickly gathers his only possessions; the coins wrapped in a bandanna while quickly walking in the opposite direction.

Lu pursues Judas trough the lush forest as Judas throws stones to warn him off.  When Lu eventually catches up, Judas attacks him and Lu steals the parcel treasure and makes his getaway only to be captured and beaten.  Lu retaliates by throwing stones, defeated Judas offers up his coins.  The two eventually continue their journey through the forest, Judas leading and Lu following before resting together for the night.  At dawn, Judas awakes and continues his journey through the forest with Lu closely following.  When Lu climbs a tree to look for food and becomes stuck, Judas manages some distance to hide from Lu before returning to help him climb down.

When the two men discover a stream, the duo begins to form a bond as they strategize over how to catch fish and swim in the streams source, a secluded waterfall.  When Lu takes over leading the pilgrimage, the strangers discover a wild boar hanging, and set up an evening camp fire.  Reaching out to one another and holding hands, Lu claims that he is on vacation before suddenly telling Judas – when the holiday is over he will meet him again.  In The Ways of Man (Tots els camins de Déu) Judas meeting Lu is a multi-dimensional divine gift.

The Ways of Man




“While not a traditionally gay-themed movie – the movie does give a homoerotic subtext to the growing bond between the men.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

“The film is beautifully shot by Daniel Fernandez Abello in gorgeous locations, with a sensitive musical score by Maik Maier.”
   Shadows On The Wall

Did You Know?

Filmed entirely in the Catalan language, actor Marc Garcia Coté recounts in an interview with Take One that a scene early in The Ways of Man (Tots els camins de Déu) was difficult to film due to technical issues and the amount of emotion to convey an anxiety attack. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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