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A police officer by trade, Cibrâil (played by Sinan Hancili) is living a stable, picture perfect life in Berlin and enjoying a loving relationship with his girlfriend, Christine (Martina Hesse). As part of his training for an upcoming marathon, Cibrâil enjoys a morning run before he starts his workday, where he mostly investigates crimes on behalf of the German police force. Meanwhile, Christine receives word that her cousin Marco (played by Engin Sert) intends to travel from Rome and stay for a short time in Berlin. Christine, of course, agrees to host Marco in the home she shares with Cibrâil.

Once Marco arrives, Cibrâil’s perfect life starts to get upended. Marco is a handsome, confident, and charming young man. While it is not outwardly discussed between the characters, Cibrâil soon realizes that Marco is in fact a homosexual who enjoys visiting the local bars and clubs of Berlin’ gay scene, often picking up other gay men for one night stands. Upon seeing Marco with another man one evening, Cibrâil senses a desire to pursue and have sex with Marco, a feeling he’s presumably never had before. Conflicted by his feelings for Marco and Christine, Cibrâil struggles with the risks and consequences of embracing his interest in Marco.

The Visitor




“This German film whose official title is Cibrâil is all about a gay man realizing his sexuality somewhat late in his life.”
   The M Report

“Illustrates the two-edged sword that is cruising, with Iben having gone out of his way to depict both the sexual high and to his credit, the deadly low of park side activities.”
Gay Celluloid

“Desperate to keep their affair secret, Cibrâil struggles to cope with his feelings or admit his true sexuality.”
Entertainment Focus

Did You Know?

While The Visitor (Cibrâil) has a running time of only 70 minutes, this film is technically the first feature length project for all three of the lead actors. Martina Hesse is credited in a number of short films, whereas Sinan Hancili established his career primarily in television. The Visitor (Cibrâil) is also Tor Iben’s feature length directorial debut. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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