Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Third One (El Tercero)

Fede (Emiliano Dionisi) is a 20-something self described punk in the gay themed film drama The Third One.  One evening he decides to enter gay webcam chat room and meets a slightly older couple, Franco (Nicolás Armengol) and Hernan (Carlos Echevarría).  After some playful flirting and texting with each other, Franco and Hernan convince Fede to come into the city and join them for dinner, drinks, and perhaps a threesome.  Fede boldly accepts the offer and embraks on a night on incredible conversation, extraordinary food, and amazing sex with an older couple of 8 years.

After a long and passionate evening, Fede wakes up to discover he has changed.  Inspired by Franco and Hernan, Fede has learned to drop his punk persona and embrace love, intimacy, and sexuality with more grace and maturity.

Carefully crafted, the story unfolds with only three actors and a series of long shots.  Director Rodrigo Guerrero provides an honest and intimate look into the perfect one-night stand.

The Third One




The Third One is a coming-of-age story unlike any other, not only for its portrayal of homosexual relations, but for how it focuses specifically on the impact of sexual experience in a young man’s life.”
   Next Projection

“Intimate and interesting film about love, relationships and sex in the 21st century.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

“The old adage “rules are made to be broken” is put to excellent use in director/writer Rodrigo Guerrero’s captivating tale of a male threesome that intriguingly re-defines another mantra: share and share alike.”

Did You Know?

During the filming of The Third One, director Rodrigo Guerrero opted to let each scene linger with very long fixed camera shots.  This method, while unconventional in modern filmmaking, allowed the actors to truly own the scene and live in character for a longer period of time.  As a result, audiences are drawn into the story by the seemingly improvisational nature of each scene. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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