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In the midst of the Napoleonic Wars, Frank and Theo find themselves serving aboard The Rose, a ship in the British Navy in the film The Secret Path.  Experiencing deep romantic feelings for one another, Frank and Theo decide to abandon their ship and go into hiding.  As deserters, the men are at odds with the law for leaving their military command.  As gay lovers, the men find themselves at odds with society.

Discovering an abandoned home in the British countryside, Frank and Theo take refuge.  At first, the mean appear to be safe from the navy.  However, Theo begins to notice a dark and sinister figure lurking about the grounds.  As time passes, this spirit begins to haunt his dreams, causing immense distress and turmoil.  Frank and Theo determine that they are in fact haunted by both their pasts as well as a mysterious ghostly force on the property.  Having only each other, the men hold on to each other for survival.

The Secret Path




“What The Secret Path is above all is a love story. Even though the dialogue is estranged from the screen, the two actors have involving physical chemistry.”
  — SoSoGay

“It joins a small but fascinating subgenre of gay British horror which also includes Vampire Diary, The Wolves of Kromer and Unhappy Birthday.”
  — Cult Films

“Making the most of its micro-budget, this experimental production from Richard and Daniel Mansfield is a glowing testament to the adage ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’”
  — Gay Celluloid

Did You Know?

Facing budget constraints, the entire film The Secret Path was shot in one location with the two lead actors each only wearing one set of wardrobe.  Director Richard Mansfield also turned misfortune into opportunity, forgoing costly stabilizers, jibs, and dollies in favour of handheld camera work.  The result is a very intimate and almost voyeuristic view of Frank and Theo’s relationship, which could not have been achieved without the natural motion and depth of field only a handheld camera can accomplish. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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