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In the German thriller, The Samurai, Jakob (played by Michel Dierks) is a police officer who has been gathering meat from the local butcher and leaving it out to feed a wolf.  Many of the local villagers fear the wolf, so Jakob is doing his best to help his village by attempting to dissuade the wild animal from threatening their homes and livestock.  One night, Jakob is approaching the change of shift, when he receives a strange, long package addressed to “Lone Wolf.”  A mysterious caller soon reaches out to Jakob, explaining that the package belongs to him.  Determined to overcome his fear of the wolves and dark woods at the edge of the village, Jakob agrees to venture out alone and deliver the package.  However, he is unknowingly delivering a samurai sword – a tool that will unleash a type of evil the local village has never known.

A wild man in a wedding dress claims the sword and convinces the exhausted Jakob to join him on a killing spree.  After locking his gaze on Jakob, like a wolf stalking its prey, the young police officer feels compelled to join him even though it is completely against Jakob’s nature.  Jakob desperately tries to maintain his self-control and composure, though he is gradually being overcome by his own sexual desires.  In his struggle, the audience sees Jakob falling prey to his own wild inhibitions.

As a gory sequence of events unfolds, the audience begins to see how Jakob and the Samurai are polar opposites, yet both men are quite possibly shades of Jakob’s own psyche.

The Samurai




“Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a schlocky night.”
   The Hollywood Reporter

“Till Kleinert’s feature debut, The Samurai, is an intoxicatingly queer take on the werewolf motif, bending genre (gothic horror, fairytale, giallo, slasher, black comedy) as freely and expertly as gender.”
The Skinny

“It’s a beautiful film about embracing or forever suppressing your inner monster.”
Screen Relish

Did You Know?

Choosing a sparsely populated region of Germany near the Polish border, director Till Kleinert uses his unique shooting locations to add interesting twists to The SamuraiThe dense, dark woods conjure up images of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, while the sadistic nature of the storyline and the internal sexual struggle Jakob faces are elements of Carl Jungian analysis.  This psychological thriller playfully moves throughout these worlds of dire wolves and psychotic struggle. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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