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In The Perfect Wedding Alana Fowler (Apolonia Davalos) invites her best friends Vicki (Annie Kerins) and Roy (Roger Stewart) to stay with her and her family for the Christmas holidays to help her plan her wedding to Kirk (Brendan Griffin). Alana’s brother Paul (Eric Aragon) also happens to be Roy’s ex-boyfriend who he cheated on when they were together. Roy is taking his other ex Gavin (Jason T.Gaffney) to the Fowler’s, telling everyone they are back together so Paul won’t think he is a loser.

When Meryl (Kristine Sutherland) unconsciously takes over her daughter’s wedding planning, her husband Richard (James Rebhorn), who suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s, and everyone else comes together to remind Alana as well as her mother what kind of wedding Alana really wants. While putting together the wedding ceremony his sister desires, Paul realises that he’s falling deeply for Gavin. They stay up late to talk on Christmas Eve when Paul eventually kisses Gavin. Thinking that he is actually Roy’s boyfriend, Paul breaks it off, mumbles an apology and runs away.

The next day Roy tells Vicky and Alana that him and Gavin are just pretending to be boyfriends. When Alana finds Gavin’s bed empty, she sees a note he left that implies that something happened between him and Paul. Straight away Paul confesses and tells everyone what happened. He apologises to Roy who ends up coming clean about what is actually going on. Can Paul find Gavin in time or is their relationship over before it really started?

The Perfect Wedding




“Instead of preaching about marriage equality, The Perfect Wedding simply shows life in futuristic world where it’s taken for granted.”

“This is a nice indie film that will leave you with a smile on your face.”
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Did You Know?

The Perfect Wedding was Kristine Sutherland’s first film in a decade. After Paul reads Gavin’s finished book, he says that it reminds him of his favourite book The Princess Bride, the fantasy romance novel by William Goldman published in 1973. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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Caroline Vogt

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Caroline Vogt
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