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The Passenger begins with Nick (Nicklas Peters) arriving in Berlin. Early in the film Nick is shown murdering a male lover, and describes to the audience in voiceover that he feels a compulsion to kill those he gets close to. On arriving in Berlin, he takes a room with the gifted photographer Philipp (Urs Stämpfli) while he claims to be buying a condo from his father. Philipp introduces Nick to his friend Lilli (Lynn Femme), an aspiring actress, and the three soon become close friends. As Nick seduces the two friends, he also tells the audience that he intends to kill them before he leaves Berlin.

The middle of the film depicts Nick’s growing friendship with both Philipp and Lilli, in scenes of them being warm and affectionate with each other. Nick quickly seduces Lilli, and goes through a longer, subtle process to seduce Philipp, who has a long-distance girlfriend never seen in the film but also specializes in sensual photography of attractive young men. Through several scenes, including a shirtless photo shoot, Nick establishes a sexual relationship with both friends, at the same time as he becomes friendly and close to them. He picks up and kills several young men during the process, and at the end of the film, kills both Lilli and Philipp. He then leaves Berlin, striking up a conversation with another young couple on the train.

The Passenger




The Passenger provides a scary ride”
   San Diego Gay And Lesbian News

“Telling a gay story with characters that are “not gay” is an interesting experiment.”
   Reviews by Amos Lassen

Did You Know?

The script for The Passenger was centred on a metaphor for someone running away from love and director Tor Iben had the idea to put this into the character of a serial killer.  The film was the first feature film for actor Niklas Peters who found the role a challenge to combine the romantic and killer traits of the character Nick. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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