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In the genre of black comedy, The Opposite of Sex focuses on teenager Dedee Truitt (Christina Ricci). Dedee is manipulative and self-absorbed. Following her stepfather’s funeral, she runs away and moves in with her half-brother Bill (Martin Donovan), who is a teacher. While there, she seduces Bill’s boyfriend Matt (Ivan Sergei) and lies that he has made her pregnant. The father of her baby is in fact her ex-boyfriend Randy (William Lee Scott).

Dedee and Matt elope. It is left up to Bill and his deceased partner’s sister Lucia (Lisa Kudrow), to track them down and sort things out. During this time, Jason (Johnny Galecki) who has been having an affair with Matt, blackmails Bill accusing him of sexually assaulting him when he was a student.

Bill and Lucia track down Dedee and Matt, finding that Dedee has Tom’s ashes and wants a ransom for them. Randy also tracks them down and a series of events lead to Dedee shooting Randy before Dedee and Matt escape to Canada.

After the birth of the baby, Dedee returns the ashes and apologises. When she leaves prison she moves back in with Bill. Matt and Jason have gone off travelling together. Dedee decides the baby would be better off being brought up by Bill and she runs away again.

The Opposite of Sex




“A movie that has an odd plot, quirky characters and a real edge, but it’s not in-your-face, a re-invention of a genre or a smirky independent. It’s different because it’s flat-out great.”
   San Francisco Examiner

“This is a declaration of love: The Opposite of Sex is the smartest, edgiest, most human and handsomely acted romantic comedy in elephant years.”

“[Roos’s] dialogue (including an on-and-off voiceover by Ricci’s pregnant, runaway sociopath) has a ringing clarity, his satire is low-key but quite real, and his actors mesh so perfectly you’d swear they rehearsed for months before shooting.”

Did You Know?

The Opposite of Sex was Screenwriter Don Roos’ directorial debut. During the movie, Dedee is seen smoking a cigarette in a California restaurant, however there is a no smoking policy in all enclosed public areas in California.

The film’s script began following another film Don Roos had been working on. Filming had shut down when the lead actress left. Roos had a mental image of a woman throwing a chair into an open grave at a funeral and from that one image grew the idea for the script of The Opposite of Sex. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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