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Life could not be better for wealthy and powerful Daniel (Jon Prescott), a renowned businessman who works as an investment banker at a prestigious institution in Manhattan. With a solid education, an excellent upbringing and an understanding, loving family, Daniel should be happy and fulfilled. Yet his mental health is far from ideal – he feels apathetic, depressed and smothered by the people and responsibilities he is surrounded with. He is also engaged to a beautiful, smart and caring woman, Jen (Margaret Anne Florence), whom he cannot fully appreciate. Moreover, he will soon stray from her once a new temptation enters his life.

Daniel finds an escape from his struggle with routine and desperation in the form of an old acquaintance from his past, Tommy (Ian Novick). The latter is a popular and fascinating ex classmate of Daniel’s, who is now out of the closet. Openly homosexual, the man sparks a genuine interest in his former colleague. After a long night of passionate sex, Tommy falls deeply in love with the soon-to-be married man. But his feelings remain unrequited, as Daniel makes it clear that he is not interested in continuing the fling and is determined to go through with the initial wedding with Jen.

The One




“Charting more than just familiar love triangle waters, Captain Caytha Jentis steers her ship through emotionally turbulent, if realistic waters.”
   Gay Celluloid

“To viewers of contemporary gay films, so many of these scenes have been seen before, certainly in terms of the conversations and circumstances. Jentis’ direction and the performances of the actors, however, feel genuine.”
   The M Report

“Director Caytha Jentis has assembled a very likable and competent cast for this story of three people’s journey to finding and accepting their true identity.”
   LA Splash

Did You Know?

The One is actress Natalya Rudakova’s second film. The motion picture was well-received by critics and described as a successful remake of Arthur Hiller’s American drama film, Making Love (released in 1982). Caytha Jentis had a hard time bringing her script on-screen. She had been told by several successful people and brands that no one would hire her. She is now a woman above age forty working in peak television. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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