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At Brinkley School, the first grade production organised by teacher George Hanson (Paul Rudd) presents The Little Mermaid (played by a young Hayden Panettiere).  Attending to watch their daughter is in-demand literary agent Sidney Miller (Alan Alda) and wife Constance (Allison Janney) who’s twentysomething step sister Nina Borowski (Jennifer Aniston) is a care worker at a local youth centre in Brooklyn.  George’s egotistical  partner Dr Robert Joley (Tim Daly) has missed the show, however at the productions conclusion the Miller’s invite George and missing partner to an informal dinner reception, where they seat Robert next to Nina.  Later in the evening when George eventually meets Nina, they discover they have a lot in common, including not enjoying the evenings activity.  When Nina mentions that Robert asked if George can move into her spare room, he is shocked to find out that he is being dumped.

Newly single, George moves into Nina’s spare room and must content with Nina’s overbearing lawyer-boyfriend Vince McBride (John Pankow).  When Nina suggests that the two take dance lessons as a gesture to help George meet people, the housemates grow close.  As George beings to unsuccessfully date Nina begins to slowly overstep the relationship boundaries when she discovers that George slept with a woman in high school.  The relationship is further complicated when Nina discovers that she is pregnant with Vince’s child, but wants George to raise the baby with her rather than the biological father.  When George meets and falls in love with Paul (Amo Gulinello), a young actor who lives with an older theatre critic Rodney Fraser (Nigel Hawthorne), Nina’s plans are jeopardized in The Object of My Affection.

The Object of My Affection




The Object of My Affection, is a pleasant romantic comedy that asks (and tries to answer) questions about the nature of love, sex, family, and friendship.”

“It’s an old fashioned kind of romance with an original twist of upbeat modern themes”
   Urban Cinefile

“You’ll have no objection if you let this movie steal your affections for a pleasant two hours in the dark.”
   Nitrate Online

Did You Know?

The cast in The Object of My Affection is in mixture of television and stage actors, Jennifer Anniston from Friends, John Pankow from Mad About You and Nigel Hawthorne is an established British theatre talent. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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