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Although he has an incredibly successful career as a marketing professional, Paul (Benajmin Lutz) is feeling trapped, disappointed and heavily unmotivated in his life. The fact that he is no longer together with his soul mate does not help his situation either. The gay man has been separated from his ex, Brad (John Werskey) for over a year, but has still not even begun to heal from the breakup. Instead, Paul is nostalgic, heartbroken and constantly replaying the good parts of the relationship in his mind. What makes matters worse is that Brad is still his co-worker.

Paul would give anything to get back with his previous boyfriend. Anything except his pride. The ad executive is self-absorbed, arrogant and far too snobbish to ever beg for a genuine second chance. So he decides to lie and fake a terminal illness instead, in an attempt to gain the sympathy, attention and ultimately, lost love of his former partner. Even though Paul comes up with an intricate plan on how to win back Brad, what he does not know is that the latter is currently involved with Ted (Jackson Palmer), a bisexual model. In order to carry out his idea, Paul helps his physician, Burt Halper (Mike Pfaff), with an urgent financial issue. In exchange, he asks the doctor to diagnose him with cancer and prescribe him a treatment. He is so credible that Brad eventually comes over to care for him, but by this time Paul’s illness is the new hot topic.

The Love Patient




“The film has some funny moments and it’s very good-natured”
   Big Gay Picture Show

“It’s perhaps a storyline you’d expect to see in a soap rather than a romantic comedy.”
   ATV Today

“The star, however, is Benjamin Lutz who’s the real standout here. In as much as Lutz’s character of Paul Richards is the conniving advertising executive, he still in many ways is very much an object of affection for the audience.”
   The M Report

Did You Know?

The Love Patient has had mixed reactions in terms of its reception. Whereas some critics were immediately put off by the bold, bordering cruel plotline, others found a unique sense of humor in Paul’s unlikeable character and his absurd endeavors. The film’s director, Michael Simon, has a cameo appearance in the movie as Mr. Lowenthal. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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