Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Love of Siam (รักแห่งสยาม)

Crossing several genres, The Love of Siam follows the story of two young men who were childhood friends in Bangkok. Mew (Witwisit Hiranyawongkul and Tong (Mario Maurer) are separated when they are ten years old, when Tong’s sister Tang (Laila Boonyasak) goes missing whilst she is on a jungle trip. Tong’s grandmother also dies and the family is devastated and so moves away.

Six years later, when the boys are teenagers, they meet again. Mew is now the leader of an up and coming boy band, ‘August’ whose managing assistant June (Laila Boonyasak) is uncannily similar in looks to Tong’s lost sister. Tong’s father Korn (Songsit Roongnophakunsri) is now an alcoholic, having never got over the guilt of losing his daughter and Tong has an uptight girlfriend Donut (Aticha Pongsilpipat). The chance meeting stirs up the feelings of love that Mew has always held for Tong. The two boys now have to deal with their feelings for each other as well as dealing with family and their social lives.

Tong and his mother Sunee (Sinjai Plengpanit) decide to get June to pretend to be Tang in order to help Korn out of his alcoholism, a plan that eventually proves successful. Tong eventually breaks up with Donut and goes to see Mew and his band perform. After the performance he tells Mew “I can’t be your boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”

The Love of Siam




“The point that the film attempts to teach viewers – and a largely conservative Thai society – is that love is an evolved form of emotional attachment that transcends sexual attraction of the physical form.”
   Bangkok Post

The Love of Siam is probably the first mainstream Thai movie bold enough to show male teen actors kissing.”
   The Nation

Did You Know?

The background song in The Love of Siam, ‘Ard-Ja-Pen’ played during the second encounter of main characters, in Siam Square, was composed by the director Chookiat Sakveerakul, and performed by the August Band. The track wasn’t included on the film soundtrack, but later was included in the August Band’s second album. The film initially caused controversy due to the fact that the gay storyline was not apparent in the promotional material, but it went on to achieve critical acclaim and was financially successful. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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