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It’s Halloween in the Castro district of San Francisco.  Three old friends from high school, Mark (Lucas Alifano), Lily (Lindsay Benner), and Jasper (Ian Scott McGregor), are getting together to have a little fun.  They soon meet up with a fourth acquaintance, Caleb (Chris Yule), and set out to score some ecstasy.  However, their evening is rather distracted by the intense sexual tension between the group.

The Lost Coast soon takes the audience on a journey of flashbacks particularly concerning one weekend trip Mark, Lily, and Jasper once took.  Mark and Lily were in a relationship when the three friends decided to take a friendly camping trip in northern California’s Lost Coast area.  The seed is planted when Lily notices some sexually questionable play taking place between Mark and Jasper.  It is soon revealed that the boys had an affair, leaving Lily in a precarious position between her strong feelings for Mark and her utter dislike for Jasper.

Fast forward to the modern time, and Lily and Mark have long been apart.  Still remaining friends, the three characters find themselves drifting aimlessly in the confusing decade between college-age and “real life.”  Each is deeply affected by the events of their past, concern for their futures, and feelings of loss and loneliness in the present.

The Lost Coast


“A haunting and moody film about two men — one gay and one straight — trying to come to terms with unresolved issues from their past.”
   Edge Media Network

The Lost Coast is about both longing and regret, and how these emotions may dispirit the present.”
Not Coming To A Theater To You

“In this moody, occasionally dreamlike drama, it’s not what happens to Jasper and his friends that’s important so much as what happens within Jasper’s soul.”
Eric D Snider

Did You Know?

The Lost Coast refers to a region along California’s North Coast.  After depopulation in the 1930’s this area has remained mostly undeveloped.  Geographically speaking, the terrain is very rough, steep, and prone to earthquakes, all of which make this a very unsuitable area in which to set a foundation or build highways.  In many ways, the instability and isolationism of this region makes it a perfect metaphor for the feelings Mark, Lily, and Jasper are experiencing in the film. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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