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Dot (Rita Tushingham) is a young woman who is part of a London group of motorcyclists. They hang out around Ace Café and go for long trips on the road. Dot is eager to finally get married to her boyfriend, Reggie (Colin Campbell), who is also a member of the gang. He reluctantly agrees and the two are now wedded. However, their honeymoon turns out to be a disaster. Aside from the terrible weather, the two want different things and cannot seem to compromise on anything. Reggie just wants to stay inside and have sex, whereas Dot wants to go out and party. By the end of the honeymoon, the couple is so miserable that the two feel like they do not even know each other.

The lovers begin to lead completely separate lives – Dot spends most of her time going to hair salons, reading magazines and buying chocolate. On the other hand, Reggie is almost always out with his biker friends and comes home to a dirty apartment every night. He soon loses any attraction and desire to have sex with his wife. However, he spends more and more time with a friend from his group named Peter (Dudley Sutton). After Reggie’s grandfather dies, Dot’s attitude and lack of compassion leads to a major argument in the relationship. She leaves, whereas her husband moves in with his grandmother. Reggie finds solace in Peter and brings him into his relative’s home. The two share a bed together and visit the seaside, while Dot becomes interested in another biker named Brian (Johnny Briggs).

The Leather Boys




The Leather Boys is a real slice of working-class life, a lesser-known product of the British New Wave which deserves greater recognition.”
   20/20 Movie Reviews

“The stark black-and-white photography helps bring out the bleak working class existence of the characters and the variety of locales used including a nicely captured cross country motorbike race make the story captivating and believable.”

“Of course, in 1964, how many films were dealing with homosexuality without resorting to hilarious stereotypes? Despite the unintentionally salacious title, “The Leather Boys” is a very interesting look into English life in the ’60’s.”
Charles T. Tatum, Jr.

Did You Know?

The Leather Boys was the first film released in the United States that violated the Hollywood production code. The diner where the biker group would hang out was filmed at The Ace Café, part of the North Circular Road. The latter was a major meeting points for all British motorcyclists during the 1960s. The site was closed during the following twenty years, and it reopened in September 2001. It is now once again a hotspot for biker gangs. Rita Tushingham visited the location along with Colin Campbell and Dudley Sutton. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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