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The setting is Havana for the gay themed romantic drama The Last Match (La Partida), and Reinier (Reinier Díaz) is a young man who works the streets, selling himself in order to make enough to support his teenage wife, baby, and his wife’s grandmother.  Living in the slums, Reinier has nothing but gambling and soccer to help him through each day, rarely getting the good luck that he needs in order to support his loved ones.

Meanwhile, Yosvani (Milton García) lives with a wealthy older woman, who affords him a lavish and comfortable lifestyle amongst the impoverished slums of Havana.  Yosvani works for his girlfriend’s father, who is a loan shark.  As the hired muscle, Yosvani often finds himself in dangerous situations, inflicting harm on those who owe the family money.

Reinier finds himself obsessed with Yosvani.  Eventually he finds out Yosvani feels the same way, and the two men work painstakingly to be together, despite the deck being stacked against them.  In a slum-ridden city where homosexuality is frowned upon, the two men find soccer as their only outlet, often spending time in the neighbourhood field, planning the risks each much take so they can one day be together.

The Last Match




“The second feature from Spanish director-producer Antonio Hens stars impressive newcomers Milton Garcia and Reinier Diaz as secret gay lovers in working-class Cuba.”
   The Hollywood Reporter

“Although it offers no great surprises, this leisurely tale of two best friends who develop a mutual attraction is a well-crafted, engaging effort.”

“La Partida (The Last Match) is a Ferocious Havana Swoon.”
   Miami New Times

Did You Know?

Despite its modest production budget, The Last Match was filmed in two locations with an ocean between them.  Filming was primarily completed in Cuba, with some scenes shot in Spain.  For Reinier Diaz, the actor who played Reinier, the film was his very first and only feature length project to date. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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