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In the genre of drama, The Green tells the story of Michael Gavin (Jason Butler Harner) a drama teacher and his partner Daniel (Cheyenne Jackson), a caterer.  They decide to leave the cut and thrust of New York City and move to the Connecticut shoreline and its village charms. They have high hopes of a simple life and more time so that Michael can finish his first novel.

Having found a job at a private high school in Connecticut, Michael and Daniel’s world is rocked when a student accuses Michael of inappropriate behavior. The couple realise that homophobia is very much alive in their new quiet community. When the student who accused him runs away from home, things get much worse. The boy’s mother who is financially destitute and her boyfriend try to make money over the scandal by making much of the school’s responsibility over the alleged incident.

During the investigations a secret is revealed about Michael’s past and he has to deal with the potential loss of his job, the suspicion of his colleagues, the homophobia of his friends and acquaintances and his own partner, Daniel’s doubts about his innocence.

The film’s themes look at homophobia and the phenomenon of ‘guilty until proven innocent’ reaction to child abuse charges.

The Green




“Williford lends the proceedings polish and conviction, helped by an expert cast and handsome production values. . . Engrossing.”

“Julia Ormond’s ‘The Green’ is a human movie, not a gay movie . . . expertly crafted . . . exquisitely shot.”
   The Morton Report

“A thoughtful and sophisticated film about life in the post-marriage equality world.”
-– San Francisco Chronicle

Did You Know?

Four days after finishing filming on The Green, Julia Ormond who portrayed Karen in the film, won an Emmy Award for Supporting Actress in a Movie or Miniseries for her work in HBO’s Temple Grandin. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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