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In The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror, Helen (Mari Marks) and Luella (Georgia Jean) are a mother and daughter who run a hotel together called Bed and Breakfast Inn. Baking mincemeat muffins and other delicious meals, the girls want to host a party for New Years’ Eve. It just so happens that on the same night, a group of gay and lesbian couples decide to drop in at the hotel on their way to a well-known LGBT festival.

Among them are Deborah (Shannon Lee) and Gabby (Denise Heller), two refined and worldly entrepreneurs, Dom (Vinny Markus) and Alex (Michael Soldier), the enamored artists, Starr (Hilary Schwartz) and Brenda (Allie Rivenbark), a folk musician and her hard-as-nails lover. There is also a more button-down couple, Mike (Derek Long) and Eric (Robert Borzych), two wealthy managers who bring along their rather eccentric friend, Lizette (Lisa Block-Wieser). The group is complete with the sugar daddy-boy couple between Rodney (Jim Polikva) and Todd (James Tolins). When the ten movie buffs arrive at the hotel, they want to have a fun night and enjoy their time together openly and unrestrained. What they don’t know, however, is that the hotel’s owner, Helen, is a God-fearing anti-gay conservative who plans on punishing and killing off the people who she deems to be sinful in the eyes of God.

The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror




“From the opening number featuring a Nancy Sinatra-esque singer warbling “Watch Out for the Straights” I knew I was in trouble with The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror.”
   Horror Freak News

“This is an offensive, exploitative, and non-frightening horror film, but a damn entertaining one if I say so.”
   Dead Central

“It’s a film that is all too aware of its B movie status and is all the more enjoyable for roiling in it.”
   Eye For Film  

Did You Know?

The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror was Jaymes Thomson’s first project which pays homage to notorious classics from Russ Meyers, Lloyd Kaufmann and John Waters. Filmed on location in Eden, Arizona at the Eden Motel which has since burned down. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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