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The Fluffer tells the story of a young man Sean McGinnis (Michael Cunio) who falls for the star of a gay porn film, Mikey Rossini, aka Johnny Rebel (Scott Gurney).  It is while watching rented movies, in between job hunting, that Sean accidently comes across a videotape of an adult movie. He is instantly captivated by the lead actor, Johnny Rebel. Prompted by his attraction for Johnny, he abandons finding work in the conventional film making industry to take up a cameraman position for the production company Johnny is exclusively contracted to.

On set, Sean becomes Johnny’s ‘fluffer’, a role that gives momentum to his adoration and infatuation, despite learning that Johnny is straight and has a girlfriend, Julie (Roxanne Day) whose stage name is Babylon. In an attempt to distance himself from his self-imposed attachment to Johnny, Sean tries and fails to commit to another relationship. Meanwhile Johnny’s reckless behaviour with drugs intensifies when he finds out that Babylon is pregnant. When expensive video camera is stolen and a man found dead, Johnny is wanted by the police for questioning. He seeks Sean’s help, and the two escape to Mexico. In Mexico, Johnny stuns Sean with his confession of having a role in the man’s death. Johnny then abandons Sean, robbing him of all of his money and begins a life of an armed robber. Sean leaves the memory of Johnny behind as he leaves for the serene destination, St Ignacio.

The Fluffer




“Saturated with deep, rich color and low-key visual wit, and graced with sympathetic performances.”
   L.A. Weekly

“In the end, The Fluffer is a film for the chastened romantic in us all — gay, straight or for pay.”
   New Times (L.A.)

“Moves nimbly from behind-the-scenes comedy to melodrama, with occasional stumbles into pop psychology and film-noir violence.”
   The New York Times

Did You Know?

A number of performers in the adult entertainment industry, including Karen Dior, Cole Tucker, Chad Donovan and Jim Steel make appearances in The Fluffer.  Micko Westmoreland, better known as The Bowling Green, is the brother of Wash Westmoreland. The artist contributed to the soundtrack of the film. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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