Gay Essential Films To Watch, The First Time (Bedingungslose Liebe)

Billy Hein (Timmy Ehegötz) is a seventeen-year-old who has just come out of his shell and is learning to experiment both sexually and with his friends. One of his newest relationships is with Nick (Björn Suchla), a young man two years older than him. The two start out as close acquaintances, but soon become romantically involved. Billy is inexperienced, naïve and completely hooked on Nick. He wants to spend all of his time with his newfound lover and is taken aback by the intensity of his feelings. On the other hand, Nick has had many other sexual and romantic relationships. He is worn out by life and rarely finds meaning or happiness through other people. He also has been through unfortunate events, including a breakup with a former boyfriend who cheated on him. Since then, Nick was unable to commit and dedicate himself fully to a single person.

The young man leads Billy on, but also flirts and becomes involved with other gay men. When the seventeen-year-old teenager finds out, his heart is shattered. The two end up separating and having to deal with their sorrow in silence. Desperate and miserable, Billy relies on his mates to make it through the moment, including his best friend, Kathrin (Denise Ilktac).

The First Time



“It took almost ten years before Timmy Ehegötz’s ambitious film project was finally completed. Together with around 40 young people he shot a feature film about the ups and downs of first gay love.”
   Deutsche Aidshilfe

“Something like this is rare: A successful gay youth film from Germany.”

Did You Know?

The film’s young director first had his debut idea when he was a student, two years prior to the release of the motion picture. In his social circle he noticed several friends go through heartbreak and wanted to tackle this topic from different perspectives. His project with The First Time (Bedingungslose Liebe) was to encourage today’s youth to not give up, become resentful or bitter as a result of going through pain, and instead to continue their search for happiness and peace. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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