Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Far Side Of The Moon (La Face Cachée De La Lune)

The Far Side of the Moon (La face cachée de la lune) begins as Philippe (played by writer and director Robert Lepage) is mourning the loss of his mother. After suffering for a long period of time, Philippe’s mother is finally at rest, yet this still does not sit well with Philippe. As a perennial student with no real direction in life, Philippe is the polar opposite of his younger and more successful brother André (also played by Robert Lepage). A gay and out weatherman, André has a very positive outlook on life.

Philippe, a cancer survivor now in his forties, continues work on his college thesis – a signal that the end of his career as a student is fast approaching. He selects a rather controversial topic, suggesting that space exploration and the subsequent lunar landings are fuelled by nothing more than the narcissism of humanity, which draws a parallel in Philippe’s mind to his brother’s ambitious and fruitful lifestyle. The academic world has yet to agree with Philippe, making the defence of his thesis an uphill battle. Philippe enlists the help of a former astronaut in the hopes of proving his absurd theories.

Jealousy, narcissism, and a difference of perspective are key themes in Phillippe’s relationship with his brother, though these elements only support his ideas about space exploration and the randomness of bodies in motion floating about space.

The Far Side of the Moon


“An enjoyably quirky, thought provoking and, above all, thoroughly cinematic experience”
   Eye For Film

“An inventive adaptation of a one-man stage play into a lavish, hi-def, big-screen production, the fifth feature from actor-playwright-director Robert Lepage is easily his best since his masterful debut, Le Confessional.”
The Village Voice

“The Far Side of the Moon relies on a brilliant visual complexity that helps the storyline more than any flashback or monologue could, something attributable to Lepage’s history with the stage.”
Not Coming To A Theatre Near You

Did You Know?

Director Robert Lepage was intimately familiar with The Far Side of the Moon (La face cachée de la lune). As the fifth feature length film in his repertoire, The Far Side of the Moon (La face cachée de la lune) was adapted from a one man play to a cinematic story. The play was written by none other than Robert Lepage himself, who took on the painstaking labour of reworking his story to fill the movie screen. However, Lepage didn’t stop with the script. The playwright and scriptwriter also directed the film and starred in the lead role of Philippe, as well as playing the brother André.

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