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Philippe (Paul-Antoine Taillefer) is a gay man who has a rich history of wild sexual encounters and has experienced most of what this type of lifestyle has to offer. His longtime partner, Jean-Marc (Eric Cabana), used to be a seemingly never-ending source of excitement, with whom he experimented sexually for years. But now, the flame is gone and the two are going through a dry spell. Although they are comfortable and secure, there is no longer any spark between them. Moreover, they have become accustomed to the drudgery of day-to-day life and are now stuck in a rut of existential dread. This changes when their friends hire Steve (Robin Aubert), an escort, for their birthday party. After having sex with Jean-Marc, the young stripper tries to change a light bulb and has an accident that is unfortunately witnessed by others and perceived as a suicide attempt.

This intruding presence in the two gay men’s lives provokes a long-seething crisis for the couple. Soon enough, Philippe also becomes sexually involved with Steve and, to Jean-Marc’s dismay, begins to pursue a genuine, heartfelt relationship with him. However, the escort is secretly sleeping with a HIV-positive man and seems to have deep-rooted issues of his own. It soon becomes clear that the mystery man is Philippe’s childhood friend, Christian (Patrice Coquereau), as their encounter turns out to be a dark and twisted blast from the past.

The Escort



“Denis Langlois’ ‘The Escort’ is an intermittently touching AIDS drama, made in the vein of ‘Parting Glances,’ ‘Longtime Companion’ and other, more recent gay relationships movies.”

Did You Know?

The Escort (L’escorte) is the directorial debut of Canadian filmmaker Denis Langlois. The latter wanted to capture and document the confusion and instability of the AIDS era, but with less regard for the political aspects and more emphasis on how it affected intimate relationships. The motion picture is reminiscent of Bill Sherwood’s Parting Glances (1986) and similarly deals with the impact that the disease had on close friendships, long-lasting relationships and LGBTQ groups. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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