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The Dark Place uncovers the story of Keegan Dark (Blaise Godbe Lipman), a young gay man whose family holds ownership of the Dark Wines vineyard. His father and brother have both tragically passed years prior, leaving his mother, Celeste (Shannon Day) to take care of the business. The two have had a strained relationship for years, no thanks to Keegan’s frequent irresponsible behaviour. One day, Keegan decides to pay a visit to the vineyard with his boyfriend, and find that his mother has re-married to a man named Adrian (Andy Copeland), who is now living with Celeste, accompanied by his son Jake.

Keegan begins to develop suspicions about the motivations of Adrian and the involvement of Jake, coming to the conclusion that the two are working together to set themselves up for an inheritance of his mother’s wealth. After his mother falls into a mysterious coma, he pleads with anyone who will listen about his theory, but few are willing to give him the time of day due to his bad reputation, and he soon finds himself on the run as prime suspect for the attempted murder of his mother. Unsure who to trust, Keegan finds himself alone, forced to face his fears and memories in search of the key to prove his innocence and to expose Adrian and Jake for the con men they really are.

The Dark Place


“Fantastic Actors, Clever Story & a Superpower.”
   Horror Society

“An intelligent thriller with great gay characters.”

“Mysterious, suspenseful, and darkly humorous.”
   Pop Culture Beast

Did You Know?

In The Dark Place, the main character has an unusual condition, called hypothymesia, which is essentially an unusually complete autobiographical memory. This is actually a real condition, although there are only about 12 documented cases in the world. The desire behind this was to create a sort of modern, gay Sherlock Holmes, and to see what he might be like in his younger days. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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