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British soldier Jody (Forest Whitaker) is captured by IRA members Fergus (Stephan Rea), Jude (Miranda Richardson) and Maguire (Adrian Dunbar), as an exchange for an IRA prisoner. Jody and Fergus talk about their lives and Jody mentions his girlfriend in London named Dil. Jody doesn’t believe Fergus will shoot him when it’s time because it’s not in Fergus’ nature. He tells him a parable about the scorpion and the frog.

When it becomes time to shoot Jody, Fergus is unable to. Jody gets free but he is run over by a British armoured carrier which is on its way to attack the men who held Jody. It appears that all the IRA members are killed except Fergus who heads for London to find Dil. Calling himself Jimmie; he meets Dil and they grow close. When they take their relationship to the next level, Jimmie discovers Dil is a male with a penis and he runs away.

Jimmie sends an apology to Dil leading to their reconciliation. When Jimmie goes to his flat, he discovers Jude, not dead, but waiting for him. She states that they were going to kill him but he has a chance if he carries out an assassination.  He has no choice because Dil will be killed if he doesn’t do it.

At Dil’s flat, after finding a gun in his pocket, Dil ties Jimmie to the bed. Maguire attempts the mission himself and dies. Jude sets off for Dil’s flat where Dil kills her. Jimmie sends Dil away and waits for the police. At the end Dil visits Jimmie in prison where he explains why he took the rap.

The Crying Game




“This offbeat emotional thriller is an unusually satisfying film, intricately constructed, surely directed and splendidly acted.”
   Los Angeles Times

“By the time The Crying Game is over, you’ll never look at beauty in quite the same way.”
Entertainment Weekly

“This is a love story between Fergus and Dil and the lengths people go through to hide their past and present while protecting their future.”
Claire-Renee Kohner, Gay Essential

Did You Know?

The Crying Game was filmed on such a low budget that it nearly ran out of funds before filming was complete. Director Neil Jordan originally intended to call the film, “The Soldier’s Wife” but after advice from his friend Stanley Kubrick, he changed it to a non-military sounding title and chose The Crying Game from a 1960s British pop song. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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