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The Conrad Boys is the story of Charlie Conrad (Justin Lo), a young college student who is taking the first steps towards making a life for himself.  However, when his mother unexpectedly passes away, Charlie must set aside his own goals and aspirations in order to care for his 9-yr-old brother, Ben (played by Boo Boo Stewart).  As any late teen would do, Charlie reluctantly embraces his newfound responsibility, which separates him from the freedom and excitement he far too briefly enjoyed as a college student.

Charlie is reawakened when Jordan (Nick Bartzen), a good-looking gay drifter, rolls into town and catches Charlie’s eye.  Almost instantly, the two feel a shared attraction for one another, with Jordan providing the freedom Charlie desires and conversely, Charlie gives Jordan the stability he needs.

A wrench is thrown into the works when Charlie and Ben’s absentee father decides to return, aiming to man up and be a father.  This puts Charlie in a precarious situation, balancing his responsibilities for Ben, his distrust of his father, and his love for Jordan.

The Conrad Boys


“This is about the courage to live openly, to forgive, and to allow yourself to be happy.”

“For a first feature, The Conrad Boys is well-made and engrossing.”
Murphys Movie Reviews

“It’s two brothers against the world.”
Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

Did You Know?

A true labor of love, The Conrad Boys perfectly illustrates what can happen when a young man is forced to take on an extraordinary amount of responsibility.  Much the same can be said for the creation of this film, as Justin Lo filled the roles of producer, writer, director, editor, and lead.  Lo still delivers an enjoyable film, which is all the more impressive when one sees how much work Lo had to do behind the scenes. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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