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Ed (Edward Hogg) is in his early thirties and already going through a grueling mid-life crisis – his career is no longer rewarding and his passion isn’t really bringing in the big bucks. Working in a call-center for cancer insurance by day and as a stand-up comedian by night, the man isn’t fulfilled with his full-time position and would like to make a living as an entertainer. However, in addition to not being as financially gratifying as his day job, stand-up is also making him very insecure about his comedic abilities.

Sharing an apartment with musician Elisa (Elisa Lasowski), Ed is seriously doubting if he’s even remotely funny and entertaining during his night job. After a particularly unfunny standup performance, the protagonist meets a canny and unimpressed viewer of his on the bus. The man’s name is Nathan (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) and his seemingly mean-spirited inquiries are no more than childish attempts to capture the comedian’s affection. After spending some more time together and visiting Nathan’s apartment, Ed finds out that his new-found lover is also gay. Despite his career not flourishing, the entertainer is at least at ease that his romantic life is not as dull as before. However, his flat mate and best friend, Elisa, seems to have a hard time accepting Ed’s new boyfriend and the man now has to choose between his love for Nathan and his kindhearted attachment to his roomie.

The Comedian


“The spirit of Dogma 95 is alive, well and refreshingly reinvented in The Comedian

The Comedian is impressively alert to the power of the unspoken.”
   Sight & Sound

“It is a character study of a man who has lost himself”
   Big Gay Picture Show

Did You Know?

The director stated that The Comedian was intended to be “autobiographical in spirit”. The film came about after Tom Shkolnik met a friend in London who was working at a call center and who always told him funny, real life stories. The director also stated that Ed’s orientation is willfully ambiguous in the movie, as the protagonist has romantic feelings for both Nathan and Elisa and is meant to reflect the fluidity of sexual identity. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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