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The Bubble begins with Noam (Ohad Knoller) working at a border station in Israel, who locks eyes briefly with a young Palestinian man. After finishing his service, he returns to Tel Aviv, where he shares an apartment with another gay man and a young woman, living a bohemian-style life. Shortly after this, the Palestinian, Ashraf, shows up at his doorstep with Noam’s passport, which he had dropped at the border. They immediately feel the attraction between each other, alternately talking and kissing.

Noam’s roommates agree to allow Ashraf to move in with them, giving him a fake Jewish identity so that he can carry on with his gay identity more freely in the liberal city of Tel Aviv than he ever would have been able to do in Palestine. It couldn’t last forever, though, and Noam’s female roommate’s brother outs Ashraf as a Palestine, causing him to flee to his home.

Noam hears a report of violence in Ashraf’s hometown, and pretends to be a journalist so that he can visit, where they reconnect and kiss briefly. This is witnessed by Ashraf’s brother-in-law, which complicates things further as he expects Ashraf to marry his cousin.

Violence and tragedy strikes, killing Ashraf’s sister and maiming Noam’s female roommate, and leading to a sequence of events that ends with Ashraf begrudgingly taking the burden of carrying out a suicide bombing in the streets of Tel Aviv outside the café where his friends helped him find work. Noam sees what’s about to happen, and rushes to the street to embrace and kiss him last time, where the two are engulfed in the detonation together.

The Bubble




“Director and co-writer Eytan Fox is going for a sexually democratic, politically aware variation on story themes familiar to “Sex and the City” viewers. (At one point Lulu is referred to as “Miss Israeli Carrie Bradshaw.”) Surprisingly, it works, and the entire cast is excellent.”
   Chicago Tribune

The Bubble surprises us at every turn.”
   San Francisco Chronicle

“Eytan Fox delivers another involving tale in The Bubble.”

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The Bubble might be the most personally important film that Eytan Fox has created. In telling about his experiences with coming out of the closet, he described the struggle he and his father experienced in reaching an understanding, which only truly was achieved around the time of filming this project. Very shortly after the film’s premiere, and after confessing his final understanding of his son, Eytan’s father passed away due to a heart attack. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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