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The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes follows John, played by Tim Swain, as he is grieving the loss of his close childhood friend, Kevin (Josh Ubaldi).  Having grown up together, John and Kevin were very close, and the loss of Kevin through suicide is a change that John was not prepared for.  However, John soon meets the intriguing and mysterious Solange (played by Mahogany Reynolds), an actress, singer, and entertainer who rose to fame filming Italian horror b-films in the 1980’s.  Solange was a friend of Kevin’s, though John had never met her.

John is taken by Solange, and grows starry-eyed when he sees, first hand, Solange’s jet setting lifestyle.  Solange invites John to be her personal assistant, and accompany her throughout Europe as she performs in dozens of cities for a show she’s titled “The Untourist Guide,” a show about food, culture, and lifestyles in Europe.  John is thrilled with the opportunity and gladly comes along for the ride.

However, after relocating the Paris, John soon finds himself longing for his simpler life back home in Boston.  John hooks up with a litany of talent agents, production assistants, and performance artists.  This risky and reckless lifestyle is one John is not used to, and he begins to second guess the decisions that brought him to his current place.

The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes


“Verow has a talent for filming and editing hot and artsy sexual interludes that are far more satisfying than watching porn.”

“Todd Verow’s film, makes good use of the European locations. Verow also elicits honest performances from his lead actors, brightening the dark subject matter.”
   Gregg Shapiro

Did You Know?

One of the few films on Todd Verow’s resume that is not in any way autobiographical, The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes is based on the novel of the same name by Jim Dwyer.  Dwyer and Verow first teamed up for one of Todd Verow’s most controversial films, Frisk, which inciting rioting during its premier.  Dwyer wrote the screenplay for this seminal film. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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