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A musical comedy about two young gay actors, The Big Gay Musical examines the lives of Paul (Daniel Robinson) and Eddie (Joey Dudding). Paul is openly gay and Eddie is ‘in the closet’ as far as his religious parents are concerned. After being dumped by his boyfriend, Paul decides to embark on a period of promiscuity. Meanwhile Eddie decides to come out to his parents.

Eddie’s parents do not take his news well and Paul is not having any success with his foray into internet dating, being unable to even manage a decent one-night stand, although he has attracted the attention of a fan, Michael (Brian Spitulnik) who keeps popping up wherever Paul is.

At the end of the musical’s opening night, Paul starts dating Michael. Paul’s parents attend the show and although appalled at first, they come to realise that they have been too harsh and finally accept his homosexuality.

The message in the film is that life is better when you accept who you really are.

The Big Musical




“Picture follows the show-within-a-show’s cast through everything from coming out to unrequited love to HIV, lingering most on the challenges of reconciling homosexuality with a Christian upbringing..”

“The Big Gay Musical is a nicely written film. It is well acted, it is well filmed. The editing between the main plot and the stage show is superb and the directors know just when to cut from one to the other.”

“This splendidly camp musical comedy has a low-budget feel that the chat-track cheerfully sends up (“That duct tape’s not straight… nothing in this movie is straight!”). Characters are flimsy and the choreography’s limited, but the numbers sparkle and there’s a winning mix of John Waters-style excess and cute boy romance.”
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Did You Know?

The directors cast openly gay Broadway actors for the key roles in The Big Gay Musical.  Shot over a period of 17 days, the crew filmed scenes in Central Park, despite not having the required permits to do so. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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